Numbers on the Railport from 2020

Numbers on the Railport from 2020

21. January 2021

Now that the new year finally started to pick up pace it is time to reflect on the last year and set some goals and expectations for the new one. As part of this we sat together with our partners from “Deutsche Bahn” and discussed some of the numbers of our “Railport” in Chemnitz. Not only was timely and efficient delivery of all the goods a big part of our assessment but also environment friendly delivery is becoming a bigger focus in the past years.


Under these viewpoints we found out that from the over 60.000t of goods that were turned over at the Railport last year we could save about 1.450t CO² by using our environment friendly and ISO 14001:2015 certified methods and having a lot less transport by truck. (saved about 75% of CO² compared to the normal transport over truck). We see this as an important step in reaching our own climate and environment goals, and we are sure that this year after finishing the big expansion project of the railport, we are able to play an even bigger part in the preservation of our nature and environment for future generations.


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Source: Data provided by our partners from DB Cargo

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