Company History

Company History


The building of a modern fuel station and truck wash at the Callenberg site.  The dirty water is re-processed by means of a wastewater recirculation system so that 90% of the required wash water is covered by recycled service water. Only the losses must be offset with fresh (rain) water.


The opening of a Berlin branch.
As a medium-sized logistics and forwarding company, having our own networks for the supply chain is an important service component, which is why we expanded the line network to include the Berlin location. We are thus in the position to offer our clients logistics services in this heavily populated region.


Profitability and environmental protection are no contradictions in terms to logistics specialists. If a trailer truck consumes less fuel, it protects the air we breathe. For this reason, too, the RISTELHUEBER/BAUER Group has made environmental protection a company goal. This is underlined by the DIN EN ISO 14001 certified environmental management system which the company has lived by and monitored since the end of 2007.


The creation of a 100% subsidiary, the BAUER Česká Spedice s.r.o. in the Czech Republic. With its entry to  the EU, the Czech Republic became an attractive and important economic market for our clients.


The acquisition of the Karl Woesthaus forwarding company in Crimmitschau. With this expansion, the BAUER forwarding company intensified its activities in the Saxony region.


Expansion of the logistics facility
Bauer Forwarding constantly expanded its logistics activities in order to become a stable economic partner. The expansion of the existing warehouse was needed in order to continue to meet these demands.


Together with RISTELHUEBER; BAUER Forwarding is first certified in accordance with ISO 9001. All the processes are described and documented and the quality of service thus continually enhanced.


The building of a new forwarding facility with warehousing, handling, fleet and offices in a geographical location conveniently accessible to traffic.


The founding of BAUER Spedition GmbH
The T. Bauer transport company continued to expand greatly. A limited company was founded together with RISTELHUEBER in which T. Bauer and RISTELHUEBER became equal partners. Through the transfer of know-how, a forwarding network was created between East and West connecting the new with the old federal states.


Storage logistics
A new warehouse with a size of 1000m2 was rented from LPG to meet current demands. The first storage business activities were handled with simple means. These largely involved food, textiles and machine parts.


The founding of a one-man business.
At the age of 22 Tino Bauer founded the Tino Bauer Haulage Company in March 1990, at that time with one truck, a MAN 18.281. Due to reunification there was a brisk demand for all kinds of consumer articles from the Federal Republic of Germany of the time. In return, export goods such as women’s tights, cotton thread or machine parts were transported to the western part from the former G.D.R. RISTELHUEBER gave lasting support to the development of the business from the very beginning. Business transactions between East and West were intensified, the first customer relationships evolved and a regular customer base developed.