Principles & Values

Principles & Values

As an owner-managed, family company, we set value on the long-term development of the company. We believe in organic growth through convincing performance and joint progress with our clients, employees and partners. By setting values, we want to establish our strength in the region and also maintain our good position in the market in the future.

The BAUER/RISTELHUEBER Group’s corporate principles emphasize the values and success factors which act as a compass for our share partners, managers, executives and employees.

Corporate Principles

Doing Successful Business

We want to work successfully to secure the company’s long-term existence.

Working together

We want to work together openly and honestly as a team, thus committing ourselves to fair and loyal dealings with each other in order to create transparent working processes.

Orienting Business around the Client

We aim to cater to individual client needs quickly and flexibly through high-quality services so as to maintain long-term partnerships.

Protecting People and the Environment

We are acting responsibly – both now and in the future – to protect people and the environment. Ecology and Economics are not contradictions, but indispensable parts of one whole.