In order to be able to meet the highest requirements in the provision of services, we had our quality management system certified according to ISO 9001 as early as 1994. Constant monitoring ensures continuous operative efficiency and the motivation to meet the highest quality standards on a permanent basis.

To you this means:

Professionalism in the execution of orders

  • Organization and coordination of your forwarding orders
  • Monitoring of deadlines and exact time scheduling
  • Management and development of your logistics
  • Documentation of the entire process

Quality through well-trained personnel

  • We exclusively employ specialist in all areas
  • Our employees receive regular instruction and further training measures
  • Continuous monitoring of all processes by our quality management representative and business management

Equipment and Technology

  • Our technical equipment and our fleet of vehicles are regularly maintained and inspected in compliance with the prescribed servicing intervals
  • We are always at the cutting edge of technology due to regular new and replacement investments

The Handling of Claims and Damages

  • Efficient claims and damage management

Prevention: Error Prevention and Minimization

  • Exclusive use of constantly trained experts
  • Thorough risk and insurance consulting
  • Constant controlling and improvement of our own work processes