As a modern, medium-sized logistics company we are very much aware of our commitment to the protection and safety of the environment.

We have therefore had our company certified in accordance with environmental standard DIN EN ISO 14001.

Environmental policy, which has a binding character for all of our operating locations, is enshrined in the principles and guidelines of our company.

In developing our environmental policy, it was very important for us to have the acceptance of our employees. We therefore decided to have it developed by an environmental work group. The result is ‘Our Environmental Policy’. Both management and employees feel themselves bound by these principles.

Our Environmental Policy

  • We want to continually improve our environmental performance.
  • It is one of our tasks to see to the optimal use of resources.
  • All threats to the environment are constantly reviewed by us and reduced to a minimum.
  • Pollution is reduced through appropriate measures such as optimized route planning, the high utilization of vehicle capacity, the reduction of empty mileage and the use of low-emission vehicles.
  • We are committed to using combined transport as far as possible when providing forwarding services.
  • The environmental awareness of our employees is encouraged at all company levels by appropriate training measures and periodic environmental audits in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001.
  • We monitor environmental impact. We keep both the public and our employees regularly informed of the status of our environmental activities.