‘Ideas on Wheels’

Not just a slogan, but a vision to us.

Our work is characterized by innovation and flexibility. For in a world of increasingly internationalized markets and globalised economies nothing is more constant than change.

As a modern, medium-sized, owner-managed, logistics company, we concentrate on the feasible.

Reliability and punctual adherence to schedules are our constants in the face of fierce competition. Our group of companies combines the benefits of regional presence with international networking.

With us, you the client are the focus of our activities. Trust plays an important part in the supply of logistics services and forms the cornerstone of a partnership.

The principles of sustainable, forward-looking, economic management hold priority with us. In addition to economics and ecology, our company has established social responsibility as a firm principle.

By consistently focusing on special, industry-specific solutions and mobilizing the resulting expertise we can offer you our ‘Ideas on Wheels’.